An app which is mapping 24/7 open places around the world

The Context and Story

We came up with this idea while we were.. oh well, at party, back in 2012. We went out for a “refill”, you know, to get a couple more beers and other usefull stuff at a party, but we realised that we have no idea where to go for shopping. So we put out our smartphones in order to search for an app that could help us. We couldn’t find one, therefore we decided to build our own.
Now, Needer is a crowd-sourced app that helps you find non-stop stores, ATMs, pharmacies, gas-stations or even public restrooms. The app have been developed and is owned by Adternative Communications – that’s us – for the most popular platforms: Web, Android and iOS. Needer’s mission is to help people satisfy their needs in the easiest, fastest and safest ways possible.

The Logo

The logo is built by stitching two navigation signs together. The key concept was to resemble that wherever you are, our app will send you to the right place.

App Releases


Windows Mobile