Life like a music festival

The Context and Story

#MakeSomeNoiz Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to music news and festivals. We started in 2008 as sekazone.ro. Until 2015 we were reviewing parties and concerts categorised as being underground. We were approaching musical genres like hip-hop, rock, reggae and drum and bass. In the meantime things changed, therefore in 2015 a rebranding was crucial.
Since 2015 we are called #MakeSomeNoiz. Seven months later, on June 1st, we decided that we should focus on festivals mainly. So this is us today.
In the past six years we’ve been working with festivals like Peninsula (since 2008), Electric Castle (since 2013), Airfield Festival, Summer Well, Street Heroes, Music Outdoor Experience, Durusa SummerHills, Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Transylvaliens and many more.

The Logo

They key concept behind the logo is as the vinyl delivers the best sound quality we’re delivering the best content we can.

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