Chronic Love

Branding a lovely festival

The Context and Story

Romania’s festival market is quite full. During summer, there’s a festival happening almost every weekend. We included both large and medium-small sized ones.

In such a crowded market, our client’s wish was to create a niche event that will outstand amongst the outdoor electronic music based festivals, placing the Magura Aerodrome on the Romanian map of techno events.

Being at the first attempt, the attention to details and visual integrity of the festival were our major concerns developing Chronic Love’s brand identity. Therefore, in the absence of visual content from the past editions we were forced to resemble the festival’s environment through graphic design and illustration.

The Logo

The core concept behind the design of the logo, based on a leafy heart, is pushing forward the definition of the term “Chronic” (matured and unremovable) and makes an analogy to the concept of grounded (which grows roots). Therefore what grows roots, grows leafs too.

Social Media

For Instagram we chose a quite simple solution. We used the profile as a full-sized poster of the festival made out of 15 tiles aka 15 posts. While tapping and holding or just tapping, each one was representing through a video one of the artists playing at the festival.
For facebook the strategy was based on a rather classic solution naming the festival activities and inside rules as “facts”. On the other hand we promoted daily one of the artists playing at the festival through some square cards. We also engaged people through a series of contests which brought even more impressions leading also upselling for VIP/Backstage tickets.

Chronic Prohibition

Realtime Marketing

During the campaign, a rather funny incident happened at another festival that shares the same targeting as our client. We’re speaking about a young lady that climbed on the DJ booth stoping the music. We then decided that we should be aware learn from others’ mistakes and we’ve included into Chronic Love’s rules that climbing on the DJ booth is strictly prohibited. This initiative was received with smiles by the crowd, counting lots of impressions on social media and giving a solid organic growth of the awareness.


For the first video, which was also announcing the first line-up and the location of the festival, we chose a nostalgic immersion into a party made by our clients an year before on the same aerodrome.
For both the second and third promo videos we considered using simple animation to resemble the festival’s environment mixed with the activities, details regarding location and the final lineup. Also, into the third video, we tried to underline the location’s rural “flavour” in a hilarious manner.

Marketed Products

We wanted to make sure the people will enjoy a more than a musical experience so we created a special cocktail named “Chronic Tonic”. This got us some quite good impressions, people posting pictures of it on social media.

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