Bucataria Mobila

Bucataria Mobila. Eat everywhere you work.

The Context and Story

Our client, „Moving Kitchen” or „Bucataria Mobila” is a company which delivers food services, as the name highlight, into a continuous movement.
That’s why they wanted a „light” web-site for showing people in move what they can deliver as services – something tasty to eat on their way to work.

Web Design

One of our client’s request was to make a web-site that represents their company. And here it comes the creative part of our work. Suggested by the company, we delivered a web-site that looks like a black-board, as those that you may see in the front of restaurants and bistro’s, with food menu showed on.
Another request was to make a „light” web-site, easy to access because the targeted group of the company is the moving people, this meaning that clients not have always the best connection to their internet.

The Stats


more visits*

*in the first month


more orders*

*in the first month


more clients*

*in the first month